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I attended one of Dr. Richards' talks on the Standard Process cleanse in September 2009, in large part because my wife was interested and knew the doctor. I was rather skeptical but found the talk convincing and so we decided to go through the cleanse process together. It was challenging 3 weeks, due to the strict diet, but we stuck with it and soon began to feel much better.

After I had completed the cleanse, I felt much better and had lost 11 pounds. I had lost much of the stiffness in my muscles and was able to run better than I had in years, even while the cleanse was going on. I slept more much more soundly and suddenly felt 10 or 15 years younger.

Dr. Richards' follow-up was extremely careful and insightful. I am not a ready believer in miracle cures, but this treatment was the best I have ever experienced, and I am thoroughly impressed by Dr. Richards' professional abilities.

I used to believe that my aches and pains were the inevitable results of aging, but now I have come to see that a good diet and nutritional supplements can remedy a host of complaints. My wife and I will surely repeat the cleanse within a year.

Thank you, Dr. Richards!

Kaare Strom, San Diego, CA

I had a ten year-old back injury that left me with an area of numbness on my foot and leg, leaving my left big toe weak. Although my back pain had improved greatly with chiropractic care over the years, the numbness and weakness remained.

During the few weeks that Dr. Richards treated me, she re-evaluated the regimen of care I had been receiving. The adjustments she made created nothing short of a miracle for me!

Within a few weeks, the numbness in my leg and foot were gone and the strength had come back in my big toe! I could tell when I walked that the foot felt different, and I was able to push off more naturally with my toes.

Not that I want to sound melodramatic, but I consider Dr. Rachel Richards to be a miracle worker! My health and quality of life improved a lot while I was under her care, and I wish she was still living in San Jose, but at least you get to benefit from her wonderful attitude and care.

I hope you'll choose her as your doctor, because I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to fix the cause of their pain and wants to enjoy a healthier, fuller life!

Jim Sampair, San Jose, CA

I've suffered from bulimia—daily gorging and vomiting—for over 36 years. Because of stomach acid erosion, I was put on antacids and Prilosec to control the constant heartburn. Five years ago, I started regular chiropractic care for relief from pain and was inadvertently exposed to holistic and naturopathic ideas. First, I let go of my dependence on NSAIDs and then caffeine. I no longer suffer the miserable obsession of bulimia; I am free of heartburn and for the first time in 25 years, do not take any stomach acid-controlling medications. I credit my chiropractor for planting the seed of healthy lifestyle choices.

Edie Loeb, San Diego, CA

I have had an amazing experience while being treated by Dr. Richards. I have had back and neck pain for four years, and it is finally improving. I have been seeing Dr. Richards for a little over two months and I feel better after each visit. My back and neck feel stronger and healthier than they have in a long time. Dr. Richards taught me exercises to decrease the pain in my back, along with strengthening it. I got orthotics to wear in my shoes, which has also helped my back. Dr. Richards also prescribed me a supplement for my adrenal glands. The office staff is always friendly and helpful when I come in and leave. I am very happy with my treatment and experience here.

Wendy Stevens, San Diego, CA

I have had chronic migraines since age seven and stiffness and middle back pain for many years. I started seeing Dr. Richards a little over two months ago and I am much better! My headaches are greatly reduced and my range of motion has improved. I have more energy and feel better overall. I love Dr. Richards' comprehensive approach. She really delves into your whole life: nutrition/diet, postures while working, exercise…so that you are working towards feeling better in all areas. She is so caring and kind…you can tell she is invested in your health. I would recommend (and have!) her to all my friends and family. I always feel amazing after a visit.

Deena Ensworth, San Diego, CA

I began seeing Dr. Richards sometime in July of 2009 due to fatigue. I found myself tired all the time even though I would sleep soundly the night before. She recommended that I limit my intake of sugar and carbs while putting me on nutritional supplements. My energy level improved, but it wasn't quite 100%. She then noted that I was highly deficient in iodine, and put me on an iodine supplement. At first, it was quite confusing to follow the directions in "ramping up" the iodine, but Dr. Richards was very encouraging and always available in answering any of my questions.

After the 3rd week of ramping up I noticed a dramatic difference - I had much more energy and my mind felt "clear" (I didn't realize how foggy my mind was until I had something to compare it to). Now, I can go a full day without feeling tired. Dr. Richards was fantastic - she was patient when my body didn't respond to the supplements, yet determined to find the causes of my problems. And she did! I will definitely continue to seek her advice on a range of medical issues, and I highly recommend her to others.

Thank you Dr. Richards!

Digna C. Strom, San Diego, CA

When I first arrived at Dr. Richards' office, I was suffering from chronic neck and back pain. I had low energy and felt generally uncomfortable in my body. Dr. Richards was able to immediately provide temporary relief to my pain points. Over time, my back pain is gone and my neck pain has improved immensely. After addressing my initial complaints, I said to Dr. Richards "if only you could do something about my knees…" And to my surprise, she immediately got to work on my knees and feet. I was amazed at her knowledge of the human body and how it works as I always thought chiropractors focused only on the spine! Last night, I ran a mile and a half on pavement for the first time after years of running only on the treadmill. I feel great! In addition to her knowledge of the workings of the body and her ability to address misalignments and imbalances, I've found Dr. Richards to be a great source of encouragement for living a more healthful life. Her passion for wellness, nutrition and exercise is infectious. I have found her encouragement in these respects to be equal in value to the physical adjustments she had done on my body.

Brian Buckley Smith, San Diego, CA